Berlusconi lamented that we are no longer a count on the European Union


The heads of many states no longer count with the European Union, admitted former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with Sky TG24.

According to him, even if the Chinese army tries to carry out a military invasion of Italy or any other European country, the EU will not be able to take the necessary measures to repel it. Ultimately, the people of the occupied country will have to learn Chinese, the former Italian prime minister suggested.

The whole problem, as Berlusconi acknowledged, lies in the “uncoordinated and imperfect military policy” of European states. Under current conditions, they should increase defense spending and strengthen military cooperation between them. The speech, including the formation of large rapid reaction forces, was proposed by the politician.

Berlusconi added that Europe still has a chance to strengthen its position on the world stage and resist “Chinese imperialism” which challenges the entire planet.

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