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10 healthy snack ideas for the night

If you’re worried about hunger while you’re in bed, look for foods that will help you avoid the late-night snack trap.


The carrot has a satiating effect: its fiber helps to feel full quickly. Plus, chewing carrots takes extra

TikTok Alternative Zigazoo Wants to Be 100% Bot-Free

Bots have infiltrated just about every social network out there, but Zigazoo founder Zak Ringelstein is confident his company’s TikTok alternative can effectively safeguard against 100% of them. The video-focused service, which is entering wide release Wednesday following its invite-only

Xiaomi 5G smartphones dial Jio’s network

Xiaomi India on Tuesday announced its partnership with Reliance Jio to offer the telco’s ‘True 5G’ experience to its consumers.

Smartphone models supporting the Standalone (SA) network have received a software update to work seamlessly on Reliance Jio’s network, according