What is the Best Fiverr Gig Image Size Width and Height in 2023


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Here Are All Details How To Create Fiverr Gig Image Size. You know that Fiverr is World No.1 Freelancing Platform where you can sell your sell and make money online. But before this, you may follow the procedure to get First order on Fiverr Platform. When you are creating your First Gig on Fiverr, you must follow Fiverr Gig Image Size Width and Height.

For Best High Quality Images for your Fiverr Gig, you Can use Canva, where you can adjust height and width according to your Need.

What is the Best Fiverr Gig Image Size Width and Height in 2023

What is the Best Fiverr Gig Image Size Width and Height in 2023

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When you are making Your Thumbnail for a Fiverr Gig, you must think about the Height and Width of Your Gig. Because Your Gig width and height will make First Impression for buyers and He/She may think to give your Order.

Which Image Size Should I Use For My Gig Images?

As Per Fiverr Recommendation, Fiverr Gig Image Size should be 550 Pixels By 370 Pixels Minimum. But if you want to use minimum Size, then you should blurry.

If you get My Recommendation over Fiverr Gig Image Size, you can use Image Size As 2750 Pixels By 1850 Pixels. It is larger More than 5 Times with Minimum Size.

Things to Consider For Create Fiverr Gig image

When you are Going to Create Your First Gig Image, you may follow these terms and Conditions to Get Hight Results.

Audio Video Thumbnails

This is Good Choice For Your If you create Audio Video Thumbnail for Gig. But your Audio should be in your Own Voice and Their is No commercial Contents involve in Audio or Video thumbnail.


You may sharp and Clear Image for your Fiverr Gig because they may impact on your Buyer who wants to Buy your Skill.

avoid Clickbait

Never Use Clickbait type Image because they can frustrate your Buyer and Fiverr Search Engine may drop your ranking from First Page to last page so far you may lose orders from Fiverr.

Proper Image Size

Before Creating and Uploading Image on Fiverr, you may use Proper Image Size and SEO of Image. When you done SEO of Fiverr Thumbnail Image, you got A high Chances to Get Order ASAP.

Add Your Personal Picture in Thumbnail

Most of The Fiverr Buyers want to see Their Seller Face, So you must include your Face photo in Fiverr Gig or thumbnail to Attract your Customers.

How to Create Fiverr Gig Image Online?

You can easily create Gig Images online. There are multiple websites offering Free services, But As My recommendation, you can use Canva.com or Adobe Photoshop official website.

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