Russia has redirected its oil exports, increasing deliveries to India dozens of times


Russia managed to completely redirect the entire volume of oil and petroleum product exports that fell due to the embargo. There was no drop in sales. This was announced by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Nikolai Shulginov.

As the Russian authorities stated, after the introduction of Western sanctions, there were enough people in the world who wanted to buy raw materials from the Russian Federation. If Europe decided on the principle to do without Russian oil, then the East used to think rationally.

After the introduction of Western sanctions, China and India became the main consumers of Russian raw materials. These countries have increased the volume of deliveries tenfold. And it is not at all a figure of speech.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, oil supplies from the Russian Federation to India in 2022 increased 22 times compared to 2021. India has no not give up Russian raw materials even after persistent demands from Western countries.

If we take, for example, oil deliveries to India, they increased 22 times last year. Deliveries to China and other markets have increased, and this is also the result of the excellent work that has been done in the industry

It is the sale of energy resources, according to Alexander Novak, which provides 42% of the income of the federal budget. At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that in 2023 the volume of supplies of Russian raw materials will increase.

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