Best Modems For Optimum (2022)


If you are an Optimum subscriber, you might be tempted by their offer to rent an Optimum compatible modem directly from them. After all, $9.95 a month is not a huge amount.

however, getting your own best modem for Optimum is the way to go and here is why.

If you quickly add it up, you are paying $119.40 a year to use a modem that you will never be able to keep.

plus, Optimum’s modems are not made to meet your individual network’s needs.

You will have a much better experience with your internet if you buy your own Optimum approved modem rather than renting theirs indefinitely.

Benefits Of Getting Your Own Optimum Compatible Modem

Optimum Approved Modems

If you’re looking for a wireless router, check out our list of best routers for Optimum.

By having your own modem, you can have a better connection, more coverage, and higher security.

Faster Internet Connection

Consider what you do with your internet and all of the devices that are hooked up. The more devices that are used at once, the faster speeds you need. Most networks stream some videos, even if they are not gamers, so having a fast connection is exactly what you need.

The Optimum modems cannot smoothly handle the needs of the modern network, making it a much better idea to invest in buying the best modem for Optimum.

Extended Coverage

You should be able to expect your modem to reach every inch of your network without dropping a signal. The mediocre modem that Optimum will rent to you has no guarantee that it will even be able to cover the entire network.

Instead, buy a compatible modem that is made to reach every corner of your network without losing out on speed.

Improved Security

Optimum has no idea what types of security your network needs. You need to make sure that your internet is as locked down as possible, keeping you safe and running.

The modem from Optimum might have some security, but there’s no way that it will have all of the security features that you really need. Buying your own modem allows you to choose the security level that you really need.

Modem Router Combo vs Separate Units

You will inevitably need to decide whether you want a stand-alone modem or a modem/router combo. Here’s why a modem router combo is a better option:

  • Built-in Router (otherwise you have to buy separately)
  • Also easy setup and updating
  • Doesn’t take up too much space

It is rare that a home network wouldn’t need a router, since most of us have so many wireless devices. When want wireless and have a stand-alone modem, you would have to then buy a second unit, which costs more money. You would also have two units to manage and two units that you have to make space for.

5 Best Modems For Optimum (2022)

1.Motorola MG7550 Modem Router Combo

Best Modem For Optimum (Editor’s Choice)

When it comes to the best modem for Optimum, you can’t do better than the Motorola MG7550.


This modem combines all of the best features of the average network, giving you just what you need for a smooth network.

To begin with, the MG7550 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to directly plug in any device that you want to have a stable connection. The router runs on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, helping keep your network on the fastest lines possible.


The MG7550 also has a built-in firewall if you need one, helping to increase the overall safety of the network.

This modem also has the Motorola Power Boost feature, which helps increase the overall coverage of your network. The MG7550 is recommended for speeds up to 650 Mbps, so you know it can really handle a lot of signal.

2. Netgear Nighthawk C7000 Modem

High Performance Optimum Compatible Modems

If you are looking for the best all-around Optimum supported modem, then what you need is the Netgear C7000 Nighthawk.


This modem is made to take on the fastest download speeds that you can get, whether it is 4K HD video streaming or online gaming.

It comes with a 1.6 GHz processor that is designed to give the average network the best performance you could ask for. This modem is made to handle speeds up to 960Mbps, so it’s not a mess around.


While the Nighthawk series never fails to amaze us, the C7000 is even more impressive. It is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem with a built-in AC1900 router, giving you a great amount of power.

The router’s signal can extend across the entirety of your network, ensuring that you will not find any dead spots. This is also a dual-band modem, so it can handle your network needs.

3.Motorola MG7315 Modem Router

Budget Friendly

Even when you are working within a budget, you should be able to get a decent Optimum certified modem.


For that reason, we suggest the Motorola MG7315. Motorola is one of the most reliable modem brands out there, so even if you get one without the bells and whistles, it should meet your needs.

The MG7315 has four Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to directly wire in any device that needs an uninterrupted signal, keeping you up and running.


The MG7315 is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, just like the others that we have listed here, showing you that you can still get a high powered modem without the cost.

The one downside is that this router only works on the 2.4GHz band, so it’s not a dual-band router like the others are. The 2.4GHz band is the most used band anyway, so it might not make a difference for your network.

4. Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem

DOCSIS 3.1 Modems

Great DOCSIS 3.1 modem that is Optimum approved is the Netgear CM1000. This is a multi-user network modem for people who stream a lot.


The CM1000 has a tower design, with vents running down the sides of it. The modem’s design is slim, which is both good and bad. Good, because finding a spot for it will be easier. Bad, because it has trouble staying upright when cables are plugged into it. It can easily be weighed down by the cables and lean in their direction.

The CM1000 has a Gigabit Ethernet port. If that bothers you, you can add on a router with more ports, then you will have endless abilities for connectivity and streaming. The setup for the modem should take you less than five minutes as well.


The performance of the CM1000 is excellent. The modem can reach speeds up to 1 Gbps, which is what you should expect from a DOCSIS 3.1. This is the most current modem technology so in a way, your modem should be future-proof for the time being. It is backward compatible if your Optimum plan only supports DOCSIS 3.0.

The CM1000 modem is a great choice if you have more than one streaming user, because it can easily accommodate an increase in traffic, especially if you decide to use a wireless router with it.

  • 32×8 channel bonds
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 5 minute setup
  • Allows multi-user streaming
  • Backwards compatible

5.Motorola MG7700 Modem Router Combo

Another high quality modem router combo that you can get for Optimum is the Motorola MG7700. The modem, as well as its built-in router, has excellent speeds and great range.


The design of the MG7700 is a tower with great venting, keeping all of the internal components cool. Cooler devices have better longevity. It also takes up much less space on your shelf than a horizontal device does, so it won’t be as much of a space burden.

The MG7700 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, so you will be able to plug in up to four devices directly to it. There are limited firmware updates with this modem, so you might need to keep that in mind if you are concerned about security updates or patches.


The performance of the MG7700 includes a dual-band built-in router. The MG7700 also comes with a wireless power boost which will give you better speed and range. It comes with built-in AnyBeam WiFi Beamforming that will improve the reach of your signal and really right in the area that you need the strongest wireless signal in your network

You can also get 1,500 square feet in coverage. The device has a Broadcom cable modem chipset, so there are no worries about breeches like there have been in the past.

  • Max modem speed up to 1000 Mbps
  • Max service speed up to 650 Mbps
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
  • Broadcom cable modem chipset
  • Power boost technology
  • There’s a lack of firmware updates

How To Install Your Own Optimum Modem

Step 1: Start by plugging in the coaxial cable from the cable wall jack to your modem.

Step 2: Run the Ethernet cord from your computer to the LAN port on your modem.

Step 3: Plug in your Cox compatible modem into the wall.

Step 4: Open any browser on your computer and type in the address listed in your modem’s instructions.

Step 5: Finish your setup through the setup wizard if you have one.

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