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9 Practical Uses of ChatGPT in Programming

Since OpenAI announced the launch of ChatGPT, the phenomenal AI chatbot has found a space for itself in many fields, including the complex, fast-moving field of programming.

But what exactly can you do with ChatGPT as a programmer? Beyond the

What Are Some Good Sources of Calcium for My Dog?

Why is Calcium Important for Dogs?

Calcium is an essential mineral for dogs and humans alike. It’s responsible for conducting electrical impulses, sending signals, contracting muscles (especially the heart), not to mention keeping those teeth and bones strong.

When dogs

Best Router For Exede Satellite Internet (2022)

If you are using Viasat, formerly known as Exede, as your satellite internet provider, you should make sure that you are using the best router for Exede satellite internet.

There is no reason to get a mediocre router that will

Further fierce fighting as clashes spread

Fierce clashes have been reported across Sudan as fighting between rival armed factions continues to spread.

The escalation came on the second day of clashes between the army and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitaries which have now left at least

Best Modems For Optimum (2022)

If you are an Optimum subscriber, you might be tempted by their offer to rent an Optimum compatible modem directly from them. After all, $9.95 a month is not a huge amount.

however, getting your own best modem for Optimum