The Great Potential of Touchless Networks via Intelligent Automation Technology

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For ages, humans have used different types of machines to ease their work. Nowadays, advanced technology is moving the industry even further, leading to the creation of vehicles that can operate on their own via intelligent automation. In simple terms, this new technology optimizes resources and is capable of achieving tremendous efficiencies in industries such as transportation.

The value of intelligent automation has been illustrated by MIZ (Hillwood Mobility Innovation Zone), which was developed to scale mobility solutions, such as aerial systems and automated freight. Freight automation addresses driver shortages, reducing costs for labor expenses. The touchless network movement is a journey that will take time and resources, however, its potential targets a myriad of other industries.

The Future of Digital is Touchless

For the concept of a touchless network via intelligent automation to go beyond the trend, companies are compelled to become visionaries. The foundation is being developed today, but it will probably take years to fully materialize. There’s enough evidence that manufacturers are already using automation technologies to move goods across the value chain. Leaders are investing in robotics, drones, and autonomous transportation solutions, accentuating adoption.

A great example is ocado, a leading tech company that provides online grocery solutions to retailers worldwide. Ocado uses automated warehouses to process 3.5 million items/week. Slowly but steadily, droids and drones are transitioning from prototypes to successful pilot projects. start-up drones, Flytrexis capable of making deliveries all the way in Iceland, while autonomous delivery vehicles are used to deliver fresh groceries across states.

The Rising Trend of Touchless Networks

Mobility companies like Uber are already trying to out the benefits of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles, and several ports have successfully implemented robotic ship offloading. Almost 50 companies today leverage AT (autonomous vehicle) technology, including Waymo and Daimler. Numerous others are attempting to develop remote workloads via touchless networks. UPS, for example, recently announced its newly developed logistics service which delivers medical samples to people via drones.

By partnering with Matternet, UPS slowly transitioning from using courier drivers to making deliveries to using drones. In this way, the company hopes to speed up the delivery process and provide its customers with same-day, on-demand delivery without any delays. From a health perspective, this approach increases efficiency, improves patient experience, and lowers shipping costs.

The Future of Work: Reshaping the Role of Machines and People

The capacity and power of machines will eventually alter the future of work. Changes are already happening in skills and role demands, especially in industries such as transportation and shipping. In the end, executives will have to decide which work aspects can and must be automated. Inevitably, they will redesign teams and roles so that people and technology can collaborate efficiently.

As the future of work embraces advanced technologies, skill sets and talent models will evolve in order to address and accept the integration of automation at work. To keep their competitive advantage, businesses must plan ahead and rethink skill requirements. They must acknowledge that roles and functions are evolving, becoming more applicable and value-oriented.

Recent research pinpoints that there is a willingness to invest in redesigning the workspace in sectors where autonomous and robotic technologies have already proven their worth. Prior to settling on a strategy, leaders must first assess what aspects can be automated, focusing primarily on contractual obligations, talent nurturing, and finding new ways to partner with other digital companies that could help them optimize organizational benefits.

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