The 8 Multipurpose Kitchen Gadgets a Restaurant Worker Can’t Live Without


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When I try to explain why I’m so happy these days, I often think about the time spent at the dinner table growing up. My parents are both restaurateurs: They would spend entire days on their feet serving others, yet still come home to prepare beautiful meals for the whole family. I remember pork tenderloin roasted to perfection and whole branzinos tossed on the grill — always accompanied with dazzling vegetables and a wine that “just had” to go with it (only a splash for my little sister and I, of course). Earlier this year, I left my corporate job and started working at a cocktail bar that was just named one of the 50 Best in North America — with one of NYC’s top oyster programs — and I’ve never been happier. I do more than just serve good food and great drinks; I’m a part of a team that’s constantly working together to curate an unforgettable experience for every single person that walks through our doors.

However, it’s not easy work: Those great meals and memories we help create wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the lessons I learned from working in restaurants and growing up watching professional kitchens in action. One of the easiest and best ways to make sure everything runs smoothly in the restaurant (and in my home kitchen when I cook for friends and family) is having the right tools at my disposal. That’s why I put together this short list of some of my favorite pieces of multipurpose kitchen tools that are sure to help you craft perfect dining experiences for everyone in your life.

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