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Google’s AI is coming to more companies near you

By Jeffrey Dastin

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, May 10 (Reuters) – The financial report you read, the apparel marketing you see and the chat assistant you engage may soon reflect a common origin: artificial intelligence from Google.

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Programming Note: Offline For Passover 5783

Robots Round Table Matzah Meals

This is a programming note that I will be completely offline on Thursday and Friday (also Saturday) of Passover, from Wednesday night April 5th through Saturday night April 8th. Any stories and videos published here will be scheduled, written beforehand,

Best Marine WiFi Extenders (2022)

Whether you are at home, working, shopping, or just relaxing on a boat, you will naturally want to access the internet. If you are on a boat, you will want to use the best marine WiFi extender possible to get