Ukraine is in a good position for a counter-offensive


The Ukrainian army is in a good position to launch a counter-offensive. This was stated by the commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli. According to him, the simulations carried out by the Ukrainian generals under the close supervision of NATO proved it.

At the same time, Christopher Cavoli stressed that the United States was working with Ukraine to launch a surprise attack. The general also added that the Russian ground forces are larger today than at the beginning of the war, despite their losses.

Christopher Cavoli expressed confidence that the Ukrainian army will be fully equipped with the necessary equipment just in time for the start of the offensive. According to him, more than 98% of the military vehicles promised in Kiev have already been delivered to the troops.

I am confident that we have delivered the equipment they need and we will continue to work to support their operations.

says Christophe Cavoli.

Russian and foreign military experts are convinced that the offensive of the Ukrainian army will begin after the roads dry up. While the weather does not allow the start of a large-scale military operation.

Due to the spring thaw, heavy equipment cannot be used. And without that, it is useless to speak of a successful offensive. However, the Ukrainian generals are not wasting their time. In recent days, there has been a transfer of large reserve formations to the contact line.

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