40 Interesting Gadgets From Cities Around The World That Should Be Implemented Everywhere


The Urban Equipment subreddit is dedicated to sharing some of the world’s best traffic lights, benches, street signs and more. The group has only been around since October 2021, but it has already watched 1.4k members. And lucky for us, the community is great at spotting brilliant traffic gadgets from around the globe that many more cities should start utilizing. Some of the common topics discussed in the subreddit are road safety, traffic lights, urban decorations, street furniture, and street lights, and this list certainly highlights some of the best ones from around the world. Urban Equipment shows what we can find beauty and excitement in the mundane, including the signs we look at to know it’s safe to cross the street and those we often pass without a second thought.

When it comes to what makes a city much easier for its inhabitants to navigate, reliable and safe public transport is an incredibly important factor. Unfortunately, not every city in the world has mastered the art of public transit yet, but according to a study conducted by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman and the University of California, Berkeley, the top 10 cities in the world with the best public transportation are : Hong Kong, Zurich, Stockholm, Singapore, Helsinki, Oslo, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and London. The study’s authors note that some of the areas these cities excel in are affordability, accessibility, having trains/buses/etc. that come often, and keep transit cars clean.

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